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All chaplain applicants desiring endorsement from the EFCA will be members in good standing of a local EFCA church and maintain their membership throughout their career. You are expected to obtain and maintain an EFCA ministerial credential, demonstrate a high level of spiritual maturity and complete necessary practical experience within a qualified ministry setting prior to beginning active chaplain service.

Chaplain responsibilities will include preaching, teaching, counseling and rendering many forms of pastoral care according to EFCA doctrine and distinctives. Additional expectations of chaplains will include administrative and organizational demands.

Requirements for Military Chaplaincy

  • US Citizenship (Check with official military recruiter)
  • College degree (120 semester unit min.) from an accredited educational institution
  • Post-graduate degree of 72 hours (M.Div.) from an accredited evangelical theological institution
  • Age requirements (Which vary with each branch and component)
  • Must meet height and weight standards and pass Armed Forces physical
  • Able to pass (Secret level background investigation)
  • Practical Ministry Experience (PME) (Minimum of three years)
  • Ministerial credential from the EFCA (Certificate of Ordination for men & Certificate of Christian Ministry for women)
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Requirements for Institutional Chaplaincy

  • College/university undergraduate studies, normally having a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 120 semester credits
  • Post-graduate studies in theology, Bible and counseling (Most hiring institutions will expect or require a M.Div. or the equivalency)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (Minimum of 1-4 units, depending on the respective institution)
  • Ministerial credential from EFCA
  • Practical Ministry Experience (PME)— (Minimum of three years) within the local church or other qualifying ministry
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement (if required by the hiring institution)

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